Our History

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We began in Evanston in 1975. In 1982, a contest was held among local grade-school students to rename the restaurant. We're still using the winning name, The Wiener and Still Champion.

In 2005, a new owner committed himself to bring new energy and new ideas to The Wiener and Still Champion. As a long-time employee of the 30-year old Winnetka / Hubbard Woods hot dog stand M and H Grill (until the restaurant closed its doors in 2003) and after working for a spice/flavor company, Gus has a unique combination of food industry experience and a passion for hot dog stands.

The Wiener and Still Champion continues to serve top-quality products, like all-beef hot dogs, fresh-ground burgers, homemade chili and french fries that are hand-cut from whole Idaho potatoes. And don't miss the more unique items, like our famous Dippin' Dogs (deluxe corn dogs hand-dipped as you watch), country-fried bacon and country-fried gyros.

But, please take note, everything is made freshly for you, in house, when ordered. It might take a little time. We hope you'll be patient.

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