"Many strange foods have emerged from the two French fry baskets at 802 Dempster St. in the four years since Paschalis, 40, purchased Wiener. He serves country-fried bacon, deep-fried breaded chili balls, giant homemade corn dogs, a fried falafel patty on a roll, fried pickle chips and a pita loaded with breaded fried gyros strips." -- Irv Leavitt, writing about WaSC in the Pioneer Press.

He goes on to cover Kevin Schreiber's adventure eating a Triple Undisputed (aka the 9-1-1) burger. "'How do I eat this?' Schreiber asked, awed. 'Do it like a corn cob,' Paschalis suggested." Read the story here.

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. (And for the record, I think we said that we avoid gimmicks, but we're grateful for the coverage, nonetheless!)