WaSC Featured in Time Out Chicago

Friday, October 16, 2009

Brent DiCrescenzo writes: "Without a doubt, Wiener and Still Champion, a greasy stand off the Dempster stop of the Purple Line, takes cornmeal-covered tube steak to insane heights, without losing any of the cheap thrills. This is not gourmet, just genius—a plump dog quickly dipped in a thick polenta batter. I’ve chewed the stick. But it’s more than just “dipping dogs” here. WASC’s owner, Gus, has that same renegade fast-food spirit of the Minnesota State Fair, finding ways to remix traditional burger-joint grub into mad frientist novelties."

Read the story here. (And thanks to commenter Jim who wrote, "I was one of the small cabal of friends who was there, and rest assured, the candied bacon is divine (as is most everything else).")

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