Fred writes: "Thanks for creating a beast of a was quite the experience. I actually came in with a few buddies during lunch break and I did not intend on ordering the 911 burger. I was actually going to order a pizza puff! But after some heckling from one of my friends I decided to give it shot when I was in line to order. The guy that actually took my order (Gus) asked "Are you sure?"...and I told him "yes". We asked if there was record for the fastest time and he told us that it was eaten in 48 minutes. So I waited for the burger to be cooked and as they called me to get it at the counter I saw the burger slanted to the side with two skewers sticking out from the top and I thought to myself "There is no way I am going to finish it 1. even if I had the intentions of breaking 48 minutes and 2. I probably can't through half of it." I just wanted to finish the burger, LOL!

So I sat down took the top bun off and they started the timer. For the first 3 patties I did it by singles. After that I doubled up on the patties. It was not bad at all half way through. And it didn not feel like I was going after a 3lbs. burger. After I was done with the patties I took my time with the buns. By then it was 30 minutes and I already knew that I broke it and I wanted to break the record by at least 10 minutes. And honestly, the hardest part of the burger was eating that bottom bun because it was soaked . If I had doubled up on the patties from the beginning and taken the bottom bun out before I started I probably would have gone under 35 minutes. I did not feel as stuffed as I thought I would have...I took a 15 minute walk afterwards and it didn't feel like I ate a 3lb burger."

WOW!!! Thanks, Fred, for sharing the story of your awesome hamburger adventure!