Request: Link to us!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We've got a favor to ask. Want to help Wiener and Still Champion succeed online? Want to show off your appreciation for your favorite hot dog stand?

If so, please consider linking back to us! See, we're a bit behind the curve, only recently creating this website which you see before you, and we know it'll take some time before we show up in online searches. So, that's why we're asking for your assistance with jump-starting that process. The more sites that link to us, the better our site shows up in search engines, which helps us spread our message of peace, love, and, uhhh, country-fried gyros wide across the land.

For your linking convenience, here are a few banners you could use to link to us. Feel free to swipe them as desired. Whatever you do, please link back to and THANKS!!

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