What New Dippin Sauces Would You Like to See?

Saturday, September 15, 2012


So now we have 16 Dippin Sauces that are available on a daily basis.  I want to increase that number to 20.  Here  is your chance to influence what sauces I should make.

I have already decided on 2 of them : Tuscan and Malt Aioli.

the others that I'm thinking about are some type of Fruit Mustard.  The Fruit Mustards are always outstanding.  I like the Roasted Jalapeno sauces that I did. One with pablano peppers and one with cilantro.  Or maybe a Wasabi Mayo?  Chipotle Mayo?

So if you have a suggestion, drop a comment here or tweet it with the hashtag #newdippinsauce