Chili Bomb Write Up

Friday, November 30, 2012


'Chili Bombs' At Wiener and Still Champion

This week, Foodie Finds treks to Evanston, where one local hot dog shop sells chili bombs, balls of chili deep-fried in homemade cornbread and served with cheese. Order them off the 'secret menu.

Cincinnati-style chili, tuck it into a fat wad of homemade cornbread dough, deep-fry the cornbread-chili ball and serve it with cheese sauce. That’s how you make a Chili Bomb. 
Offered on the “secret menu” at Wiener and Still Champion in Evanston, the Chili Bombs are just one example of owner and chef Gus Paschalis’ unusual and gut-busting inventions. He’s also known for making deep-fried gravy, country-fried bacon and a hamburger that’s stuffed with chili and cheese before being dunked in the deep-fryer.
Is there anything Paschalis wouldn’t put in boiling oil?

“There’s not a lot...Read the rest of the article here'