Pick up 40 Tenders and Fries or 45 pieces of Country Fried Bacon and Fries for $40.

Must place the order by Saturday


It was a blast.  Matt is gracious and very talented.  Lots of guest dropped in.  All and all great time. Worth the listen

If you are having trouble with the player, Listen to the podcast here

Sauce of the Week. Week 4: Carolina Mustard

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Has a nice bite from the apple cider vinegar with some sweetness.  Great sauce for the Dippin Dogs


Sandwich Monday: Country-Fried Bacon

This actually exists.
There are those who say "just because you can doesn't mean you should," and there are those who try to respond to that, but they can't, because their mouths are full of deep-fried bacon.
Robert, his daughter Talia, and I went to Wiener And Still Champion, a restaurant just north of Chicago, to try some.
Talia: It's like they asked themselves "how do you make bacon more unhealthy?" and then they did it.
Ian: It was this, or sharpen it into little bacon blades and start stabbin'.
A look within.
The Country-Fried Bacon isn't the only extreme food on the menu. There's a burger with 9 patties and 11 slices of cheese called "The 911." If you want, I'm sure they'll even fry up the menu itself for you and serve it with a side of mayonnaise.
Robert: It's clever how they mask this unhealthy bacon with this wholesome, deep-fried batter.
Talia: Oh, look, there's health food on the menu: deep-fried lettuce!
Ian: If they're willing to do a tomato, too, I'd love a DFB-DFL-DFT. With a Diet Coke.
Robert's daughter Talia inspects the merchandise.
Robert: This restaurant is the rest of the story HERE

Photos are much better on the NPR site.
Why Country Fried Bacon on Sandwich Monday?   I don't know


Stop on in for Chicago's Hottest Burger, the Hell on Earth, or some Fried Jalapeno Chips

Sauce of the Week. Week 3: Wasabi Mayo

Monday, January 14, 2013


I am not a Wasabi fan but I love this sauce.  Little heat.  Little sweet.  Great on our fries


January 9th is National Apricot Day.  In honor of it, we have created an Apricot Mustard as the Sauce of the Week.

It is outstanding.  Sweet and tangy.  Compliment the Dippin Dogs or the Fries nicely.

Watch us on the Cooking Channel Jan 28

Saturday, January 5, 2013


So if you get the Cooking Channel and are up at 6 am, you can check us out.  It is a rerun but worth a look.  Set your DVR.

Jeffrey Saad mixes the dough and gets out the glaze to explore the iconic American staple - the donut. He'll savor everything from the unique creations of a donut genius to the ultimate in old school dunking and see how the classic donut transforms when it meets the savory taste of down-home bacon or the exotic flavors .  Read the rest Here

Lebanese Cucumber


Normally, around the first of the year, I like to do some kind of Bloody Mary inspired sauce since January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day but my last two attempts at a sauce didn't turn out the way i'd liked so we're switching gears and offering a Lebanese Cucumber Sauce.

It is similar to the Mediterranean Cucumber but has a few added ingredients, Sumac, Parsley, Peppers, etc.